It is about the draft law on the state tax amendment, voted in 2010. This document provided the establishment of a ceiling for state tax in the disputes on property, and as a consequence, the state budget missed 540 million USD, affirms the Dignity and Truth Platform President, Andrei Năstase.

The DA Platform leader published on his Facebook account the text of the draft law, as well as the transcriptions of the meetings of the Parliament from May, 20, 2010. The one who insisted Tănase's draft to be urgently voted in the second reading is the Acting President of the Chişinău Court of Appeal, Ion Pleşca, and the then president of the Parliament, Mihai Ghimpu, was responsible for this speeding, emphasized Andrei Năstase.

“The Republic of Moldova has been transformed by Plahotniuc's mafia into a recipient for laundering of regional mafia's money. In order to demonstrate us that they freely act, and not at someone's command, the prosecutors have to investigate also the aspects that preceded the pronunciation of the renowned conclusions on billions' laundering, when the law was not permitting it even through court decisions. It is about the famous amendment of Law on state tax, that was adopted on May, 20, 2010, that provided the establishment of a ceiling for the state tax in property disputes. Do you know who proposed this draft law? It is a very well-known person, who has high state position nowadays - Alexandru Tănase, Constitutional Court President. Of course, we must not ignore the ones who were his accomplices and who insistently promoted the adoption of this draft. Do you know who it is? Another high official, who leads for several years the Chişinău Court of Appeal - Ion Pleşca. Namely he insisted on the urgent adoption of the draft in the second reading, it to enter into force as quickly as possible. And responsible for this speeding , who supported it, is no one but the great unionist – Mihai Ghimpu!”, mentioned Andrei Năstase.

“Now let's see what the prosecutors will do. Will they investigate why it was so necessary the amendment and the establishment of a ceiling for state tax in the eve of billions' laundering through the national courts? Will they investigate why our state lost just from state tax that had to be collected from these court actions, if the law was not urgently amended, hundreds of millions of USD? Will they include the 3 upper mentioned persons in the list of suspects/accused for complicity in money laundering through courts? Or the order from “the top” has not come yet, has it?”, asks the Dignity and Truth Platform President.

The Constitutional Court President has not commented these accusations for the time being.