Situated somewhere between positions 130 and 140 in the world ranking of economic performance (according to GDP / inhabitant, PPP methodology, comparable prices), crushed in that ranking between Samoa and Tonga, the Republic of Moldova (5.660 USD / inhabitant) lost contact with the platoon of the former Soviet republics of the GUAM group (Georgia-Ukraine-Armenia-Moldova), ahead of Ukraine (8320USD / inhabitant, 118th position in the world), Armenia (8.640 USD / inhabitant, 114th globe) / inhabitant, 108th position on the globe).

Belarus defies the entire GUAM group from the 72nd position on the globe, with over $ 18,000 per capita, and Bulgaria (the weakest country in the European Union) is far off on the 64th place with over $ 20,000 per capita! What to say about Romania, which with the 24,500 USD / inhabitant has reached the 60th position in the world.

The Republic of Moldova has thus reached, after almost three decades of independent existence, Europe's codice, the poorest corner of the continent ... The trade deficit is almost one-third of GDP ($ 2.5 billion deficit to a GDP of about $ 7 billion ) and the amount of debt to the gas supplier, Gazprom, is equal to GDP (almost $ 7 billion)!

Disaster has become the new normality in the Republic of Moldova: although newspapers and televisions are struggling to report new and new "achievements" of the economy, the confidence of the population in such news is so high that one third of citizens have already gone abroad, the fact that 54% of the remaining people are planning to leave. Let's not forget that the "Republic of Moldova" brand is so strong that 30% of the citizens (about 1 million people) took the citizenship of another state (Romania, where they are right, they are not even foreigners).

Democracy has completely disappeared from Chisinau, in its own right. Four to four years are holding elections, the outcome of which no longer matters: practically some people are picked up, then bought or blackmailed by the Republican chief in order to divert the meaning of the popular vote.

Here, for example, what popular vote shows at the last elections, those of November 2014, and as it turns out today, at the conclusion of the four-year electoral cycle, the Parliament of Chisinau:

In other words, although the Democratic Party (PDM) ranked fourth in elections with 19 elected deputies, it is today the main party in Parliament, with 42 deputies plus 6 non-attached members, who voted alongside PDM deputies.

In addition, the European People's Party (PPEM), with 9 other deputies, has also appeared. That is, one voted poor voters and another is in Parliament.

And how could the vote of November 2014 be completely diverted? Simple: the absolute master of the republic, the fearful Vladimir Plahotniuc, has reserved his control over the judiciary and the prosecutor's office in the negotiations for the so-called "pro-European" government; while arresting the president, arrested the leader of the PLDM (the main party in the coalition), which led to the dissolution of the party, leaving PLDM only 5 deputies out of the 23 initially elected.

Similarly, Plahotniuc and the atrophy of the Communist Party, which has come from 21 deputies elected in 2014 to only 6 remaining in 2018; the share of the Liberal Party, thinned from 13 deputies elected in 2014 to 9 deputies left the same.

A similar situation is also found in Chisinau City Hall , where, in 2015, Dorin Chirtoaca (Liberal Party, PL) was elected mayor, with a majority of councilors from his party; he was arrested in 2017, his party counselors deserted to the omnipotent Plahotniuc, who called it (absolutely arbitrarily) an interim mayor a certain Silvia Radu (who was not even a municipal councilor elected).

Thus, although the citizens voted for a mayor and a party, they woke up led by another mayor and another party!

And for the absurdity of the Moldovan "democracy" to become absolute, early elections for Chisinau mayoral candidate (Chirtoaca resigned to provoke them) were won by the opposition candidate, Andrei Nastase, but the justice at invalidated the winner, on the grounds that ... urged voters to vote! And look-so, at the barracks of the city remains a puppet of the same Plahotniuc, Ruslan Codreanu, and this one named and not elected in this position ...

Meanwhile, the government in Chisinau has been enriched with a vice-premier, Iurie Leanca, none other than the prime minister of the government who has stolen $ 1 billion of the National Bank's currency reserve through the bank, today bankrupt, BEM.

How did it get so far away? How could such a situation not explode?

First of all, because in the Republic of Moldova any revolution is made only by the police, and the police are under the same Plahotniuc.

Secondly, because Bucharest protected and supported the shaky (but doubtful) democracy in Chisinau, then the autocracy of Chisinau and now the sordid autocracy in Chisinau.

Bucharest has not missed any stupidity it could do in Moldova:

supported the former autocrat Vladimir Filat so much that he signed with him an infamous "border treaty", never ratified;

protected the same Filat so that the newly elected president, Iohannis, was taken to his campaign headquarters on the very day when Filat's patronage government met the "theft of the bill";

when all international financiers (including the European Union) withdrew all funding, in 2015 Romania pumped 150 million euros to Chisinau through an unconditional loan (a unique case in the world credit history, a sort of "credit with the bulletin" given by a state of another state), allowing the survival of the Plahotniuc regime and its resumption of relations with the IMF;

from the Prime Minister of Romania to the mayor of Bucharest, all the Romanian officials went to pose with the people of Plahotniuc to blow them in the voter turnout.

The "brilliant" approach of Bucharest is based on the doctrine that has become a true "holy cow" of Romanian foreign policy: Moldova must be supported to fight with the Russian aggressor. No one has the courage to acknowledge the fact that Moldovans actually lie under the humor of Plahotniuc.

We are told that the Republic of Moldova is under the media coverage of the Russian language press, but no one says that the holder of the TVR national license in the neighboring state, Vladimir Plahotniuc, has given this license to a Russian television station.

We are told that we are investing Romanian money in the Bessarabian kindergartens to keep our siblings close, but no one says that in Chisinau, where Dorin Chirtoaca, the mayor of Dorin Chirtoaca for 10 years, was a Romanian novel by heart and deeds, did not renovate any kindergarten and did not pave a few feet. Although Chirtoaca, with a disarming naivety, came to support Traian Basescu in 2009, the Boc regime did nothing in Chisinau, placing money only where Filat wanted; and so Romania's unionist Basescu managed to torpedo the only Romanian party there ...

The official speech in Bucharest is still a prisoner of a non-existent situation in Chisinau: after a few weeks ago, all officials of the Romanian Foreign Ministry anticipated the victorious crushing victory in Chisinau of Placinteanu candidate Silvia Radu, because in the elections, they made another stupidity, as all the pro-European forces would unite after the elections and defeat Dodon's pro-Russian hydra. Well, smartest, how could you resist Plahotniuc with the opposition coalition PAS-PPDA-PLDM, when the latter appeared and exists only to fight Plahotniuc?

As long as Bucharest does not realize that everything that is happening in Chisinau is a monumental failure, Dodon became president precisely because of the corrupt Filat and Plahotniuc regimes, that Basarabia is not occupied by Russians, but by Plahotniuc, nothing it will not change there and we may witness the terrifying situation in which the Socialist Party will win the absolute majority of parliamentary seats in the November elections.

Further, there may be no history ...

Petrisor Gabriel Peiu, Ph.D. of the Polytechnic University of Bucharest, for