EXCLUSIVE: Plahotniuc ordered Gorbuntsov’s assassination; Killer Proca reveals shocking details about the criminal life of the DP head – from prostitution promotion to cocaine consumption

EXCLUSIVE: Plahotniuc ordered Gorbuntsov’s assassination; Killer Proca reveals shocking details about the criminal life of the DP head – from prostitution promotion to cocaine consumption
Source: Photo: 02.11.2017 20:20
The oligarch Vladimir Plahotniuc, the President of the Democratic Party (DP), is the one who ordered the assassination of the Russian banker German Gorbuntsov. The statement belongs to the killer who was paid by the DP head, the Moldovan criminal Vitaly Proca, who has offered an exclusive interview for the Jurnal TV. The criminal has offered many details about how Plahotniuc tried to determine him to lie the blame on Renato Usatyi for the order of Gorbuntsov’s assassination, but also other shocking information about the secret life of the oligarch – including drug consumption and his activity as pimp.

– Here, I was visited by a prosecutor and a man from the Embassy of Moldova. I guess the Embassy had obtained access for him. I was proposed to drive into the corner a man. Instead, I would have been repatriated, they would have taken me to our country, they would have done I to feel better and my punishment to be slightly reduced.
– Did they introduce themselves?
– They introduced themselves, but I don’t remember their names. But I noted down them. I know that the prosecutor is influential now in our country, being also a part of a team of a very important man. I was simply proposed to give false statement about Renato Usatyi.
– What kind of statement?
– To motivate in a kind of way that he is the man who ordered German Gorbuntsov’s murder in London. I refused for a simple reason: I have a family, ex-wife, children, my entire family is there, in Moldova, and I thought that this will have serious consequences. As a proof, this thing really had serious consequences, even if I had not specified anything, I hadn’t told a word about that man. But it had serious consequences: till nowadays my brother-in-law is under arrest, my ex-wife is under arrest, my children stay at home without their mother, the entire family lives in terror. Here, I am not treated like the common prisoners, let’s say so. For four years, I am permanently looking left and right: who’s near me. I carefully analyze what I’m buying, where it comes from, how it comes. Moreover, after that visit, I was visited by another person. I guess he is known from some interviews from Moldova, offered by my mother-in-law. This person’s name has been pronounced – Radu Chizhychenko, whom I noted in our visit list as friend. Perhaps he had no experience, that’s why he wrote on a sheet of paper his proposal. I had to declare that, in a certain period of my life, I was incited by Renato Usatyi to attempt on German Gorbuntsov’s life, to kill him. I asked some questions to the man, he answered them. Moreover, he specified everything on a sheet of paper. I know with whom I am involved, in which problems I was involved, who is behind all this, how bad all those people are and if I had the occasion to catch someone tripping, I caught him.
– Who was sending Radu Chizhychenko?
 – I asked him directly then. The Romanian state has at its disposal many moments which denote that he comes directly. My first question was what team he is part of. Whom is he coming from? He told that he comes directly from a person. I said to him: “Boys like you may come every day: today – one, tomorrow – another. He then told me: “I have come with direct indications from a man.”. “OK, and what does he want?”. “What he wants is written in these papers, and namely to get rid of Renato forever, to imprison him forever. I was proposed very advantageous things, meaning to extradite me, in a kind of form I was going to get an enormous sum of money. I asked him how I was going to receive it and he said that my family was going to receive some consistent allocations in several installments.
All the people who were connected to me in a form or other, with whom I discussed, were arrested and invoked some false accusations such as organized crime, etc. Regarding my brother-in-law, David: when I committed the offense, thing which I regret now, he was not even in the country. Then, everybody was incriminated that they are accomplices in the murder attempt on German Gorbuntsov. Moreover, my wife was not even knowing about what I had done until I had been arrested. I mean my family, the woman who gave birth to my children did not know what I had done, not even talking about brother-in-law, friends, etc. These are unquestionable things, about which people know nothing. But there is a circle of persons who knew everything – the people who ordered this, the people who prepared the papers. David was arrested for one reason: to bring me to silence, because after his arrest and my wife’s release, a man came from Vlad Plahotniuc – Chizhychenko. And then many things were proposed to me. I told nothing about anyone. Nor about Vanya, nor about Vlad, about no one. I just minded my own business. Besides visiting me, they asked for some papers. They asked some papers that would prove that Vlad Plahotniuc is not guilty of this, that he has no attribution to this. Yes, I gave this paper with someone’s consent.
– Whose consent?
– I mean with the consent of the bodies from here. In the moment when I realized what game I’ve entered, I was obliged to appeal to the bodies of this state for a simple reason – never to be repatriated to our country. I know what is going to happen to me once I get in our country. I mean I am not a kid, I am not beating about the bush, like someone said. No, no. I am not beating about the bush at all. I simply know who these people are, how influential and powerful they are, whether through justice, or through criminal world. So, I was obliged to step aside and ensure my life. For more than one year, my family is being chased. Besides being chased, it is also “protected” by someone. My brother-in-law was condemned to 16 years. They asked me to give them a paper which I was possessing, and the second day they imprisoned him for 16 years. At a certain moment, I decided that nothing worse can happen than was happening then. I was condemned to 12 years and a half for a sentence. But this was not enough for them.
So, they judged me once again and condemned to 21 years and eight months. I appealed to the Supreme Court where I was offered a positive agreement for a retrial. I was acknowledged by important persons that intervention had been applied at a very high level. That means that a judge gave me positive agreement. I go to court, but all withdraw and leave me without any change. I am a little man involved in a big game. Influential persons, with serious relationships. I don’t want to tell about their relationships, but I was told: “Vitaly, intervention has been applied at a high level, so high that we don’t even have access there”. I have never felt worse than now. I am conscious that I have a mandate which I will never get rid of. I have too many diseases: hepatitis, cirrhosis, tuberculosis. I’m a second-degree invalid. I am eager to reach the coast, but I cannot. It’s too far.
–  As well, I’ll send a message to German Gorbuntsov, the man on whose life I made an attempt. Four years and a half ago, he sent his lawyer to my mother-in-law and told that he is disposed to pay one million pounds I to call him the name. Yes, I feel sorry that this situation has been created between us. I want him to know one thing: yes, that’s truly me who pulled the trigger. Yes, I am that man, by the desire and the order is of a completely other man.
– Who ordered the murder?
 – The order is of Mister Vlad Plahotniuc. I don’t know how other people perceive him, but I see this man, in general, as a serial killer, and I know what I am talking about. Mister Plahotniuc thinks he is a kind of God nowadays, but he must understand that not all the people believe in God. He, Mister Plahotniuc, through the prism of people like me, stepping on many dead bodies, is the man who is he now. He caught me through Vanya, nicknamed Pisatel, he caught me in a moment of my life when I was running out of money. I borrowed a sum of money and, not being capable to return it, I was proposed an offer. Yes, every person decides its faith, but it was a difficult period in my life. Vanya offered interviews and affirmed that “Vitaly has gone mad.”, and other things. He has to understand one thing, and thus I want to send him a simple message: Vanya, we know way too much about each other, you to start speaking. Because if all of us loosed their tongues, Vanya, 200 more years would add to your 20. And I understand him why he has started after so many years to talk so and to press on Renato. Yes, I profoundly understand him why he does this thing. He does it involuntarily. He does not do this because this is the truth, he does this thing consciously because he has children, he has family. He stays under arrest and is influenced. He does it more because of the fear. After that interview, after several days, he was transferred to a prison from our country, and namely to Pruncul hospital, where he is under state security. That means that no one can approach to him, he is guarded 24/7.
Regarding German Gorbuntsov, I am surprised by the current situation. He was disposed to offer one million for a name, and after one year they do business together. For me, it is out of common… I don’t understand. Yes, perhaps they have common interests, perhaps hidden interests, perhaps business interests, interests related to money. Because these people have great businesses and a lot of money. I’ve heard, I’ve been informed about what’s happening: his record will be cleaned. These are their affairs, I don’t interfere in this. I’d like to send a message to one and the other. I’d like to tell Vlad: man, leave me alone. Sweep before your own door! Leave my family and me alone! Why has he started on my family? They keep him locked in the basement for one year. They don’t allow him to see his child. His child was born and they did not allow him to see it for a half of year. Are you insane? He is brought to court with 30-40 masked men around. This man was member of their party! Yes, David knows many things about him, about them, about prosecutors, about Harunjen, about everybody who is involved in this.

This is something different, as he was part of them, but this does not mean that he has to be seized and kept to silence. People of good faith, I am not crazy, I am afraid of God. I think that there are so many sinners on the Earth, so that I am afraid that I could never reach forgiveness.
– What connects Vladimir Plahotniuc and Ion Druta?
– Ion Druta and Plahotniuc know each other for many, many years. It is like in certain circles, when you know a friend for 10-15 years and you know everything about her, about her mistakes while you were at the club. I mean, you know everything about each other. The same thing is between Vanya and Plahotniuc. Especially because Vanya was the man who consumed the commissions. So, let Vanya stay where he is now, as I understood that he stays in good conditions. And I advise him not to tell that he doesn’t know certain things, because he has consumed enough commissions. Vanya captured a part of money that had been offered.
– Ion Druta tells that in the murder attempt from Great Britain, there were involved Valeriu Halupa, a guy called Ghenadie, alias Clifford, and a guy Oleg. Who are these persons and what was their role?
– In that murder attempt, there were involved just Vlad Plahotniuc, Vanya, and I. Yes, there is one more person, who prepared the documents, the passports, etc., because, you know, all are part of a team and that was not my team, particularly because I had just been released from prison then. You know, to prepare a man to do this, it is needed time. I had a long-lasting punishment in the last mandate. Starting with my release and till my leave, Mister Vlad Plahotniuc was present, informally or in the shadow, through some persons. He was preparing a man who would reach his goal. I think you realize that I had a 25-year mandate there, but I was released after 13 years, I mean not in vain. They left me free for one year, I stayed at home. They were always giving me money and parcels. And at a certain moment, you become indebted. And it is simple to erase the debts – you have to do one thing, especially that this also brings you some additional money as well.
– But how was it possible? I know that you were conditionally released, having about 50 violations, I don’t know exactly.
– I had more than 100 violations.
– How was it possible and how were the documents prepared?
– Do you know how my documents were prepared? I went and submitted the acts, and the second day I went and received the documents ready.
– On whose name?
– On my name. You understand, a certain person X will not go to someone else and tell: “Prepare him the documents.”. There is a reliable man who deals namely with this. I went there, they took a photo of me, they rejected me and told me to go to submit at the headquarters of the passport office from the Centru district. I went there, I submitted the documents in the morning and in the afternoon I received them.
– Much was speculated that after this crime from Romania, I ran away. I ran nowhere, we’ll come back to this moment. I ran nowhere and absolutely from no one. I have a cousin in Moscow. He is called Ion Mogildea, or he is nicknamed Belyi. He has business there, since 2009-2010. The business relates to cannibalization. He brings parts from Europe, in the end it does not matter. My cousin told me: “Come to Moscow and let’s enlarge the business.”. He was living alone, and we know each other since childhood. We were living on the same street. Since kids, we were helping each other.
Well, I went there with my woman, after that crime from Romania. Within one month, I settled there, I rented a flat, I was engaged at his firm legally, I had a visa. I mean, it is not like it was told at the TV: “My God, he has been caught in the metro.”, “He has been caught at the airport.”, “They have caught him on the street.”. That’s not true, it was not so. I mean no one had to catch me, because I was running nowhere. Moreover, I was pursued by the INTERPOL here, in this country, and in that period I flew from Moscow to Moldova, because two of my children, Tigran and David, remained with their grandparents, and the youngest one, Vitaly, was with us. My wife and I returned to take our things, to take our children, because we were moving to the flat we had rented. Now, this is what happened. I came to Moldova. I had a round-trip ticket, I mean we arrived in the morning and we were going to leave at 5 PM. If I were pursued here, why then I was not stopped at the customs in Chisinau, or at the customs in Domodedovo? Well, what’s going on in the recent time? They produced a film as if I helped my brother-in-law, David, to leave the country. These people might be insane, because I don’t know why they do this.
When my first boy was born, we called him Tigran, Proca Tigran. When my second son was born, I gave my wife the right to decide. “Call him as you like.”, I said. I chose the name for the first one, and gave him my last name. And she chose the name for David, and gave him her last name. So, one was called Proca Tigran and the other – Davidyan David. Then the youngest one was born. He was called Proca Vitaly, like me. Well, if you analyze the data at the customs point on the respective date, you’ll see that Proca Vitaly, that means me, Davidyan Tatevic, that means my wife, Proca Vitaly, the youngest son, entered the country. And on the same day Proca Vitaly, that means I, Proca Vitaly, the youngest son, Davidyan David and Proca Tigran left the country. I mean the whole family entered and then left. It is not correct to tell that I transformed David, my brother-in-law, into an intermediary. Well, then it comes out that my intermediary in this organized crime group was also my boy who was three years old at that moment. They say that I ran away to Moscow. I ran nowhere.
Moreover, they knew exactly where I live. Dealing with cannibalization, we had four phone numbers displayed in the internet, because we were selling. There were displayed four phone numbers of mine. There was also my wife’s number. In 2013, they could locate you with a precision of up to a square meter. They came and took me right at the office. This was someone’s scenario. I don’t know whose it was and what it was meant for. As I realize, this was invented by some people who write, and they do this because they need a subject of major interest, but the truth is completely other.
– Mister Proca, why does the prosecution of the Republic of Moldova try to make Renato Usatyi guilty for the murder attempt?
– I think that the problem with Renato Usatyi is simpler. These are some political games, their own business: of Plahotniuc, of Renato, of Gorbuntsov. This is a completely other level of life, and completely other things happen on this level of life. You know, it is easy to find a modality how to dismount a politician – a case is initiated on his behalf, accusations are filed. A man with criminal history, like me, is sent to him, and you dirty him in a kind of way. And this step is close to the next one. In the end, this plan can be developed as you wish. Mister Vlad has different bloggers, he posts films. We live in the 21st century, the era of technology. We can do what we want and tell things about whom we want.
– Do you have proofs against Vladimir Plahotniuc that he ordered this murder?
– Some time ago, I met with Pisatel in a place where we discussed about German Gorbuntsov. We met in a place from the Centru district where Mister Vlad was present. They say Vlad Plahotniuc is a venous snake. He likes not just to control, he likes to know everything. Man’s curiosity has no limits. This man wanted not only to know, he wanted to see everything with his own eyes. We did not discuss about too many things, but this man was knowing one hundred percent why I leave for England. It depends on how others understand, but in our slang if you say that you have to go to the cemetery to burry a man that means “to put a lid on him”. But if you go to kill a man and you tell to put a lid on him and to nail it, what would that mean?
You know, Mister Vlad Plahotniuc is very wise and I respect him for this. Each man is wise in a kind of way, but he is not only wise, he is also wicked and dangerous. I mean, he tricked Pisatel and imprisoned him for 20 years for triple murder. He imprisoned him just to bring to silence and nothing happened with Ion as long as nothing happened to me, he to influence me somehow. I am tired of permanently looking left and right, of being scared of everything that flies, of being scared of everything. I have told you at the beginning, once a car brakes suddenly, it is impossible not to flinch.
You know, Mister Vlad Plahotniuc, I know what I’ve done and you know what you’ve ordered and it would be wonderful if you assumed your responsibility, because I’ve assumed my responsibility, and I’ve received my 21 years, and I’ll stay in jail for this. It would be better if you assumed your responsibility as well. I’d like to tell you one thing: sooner or later, consequences will result from my words. Whether they are credible or not, this will be decided by the competent authority. Yes, it is harder to charge a man who has billions, it is very hard. If he was a common man and I offered this statement, he would be arrested for 30 days, initially. We will confront to bring the things on the surface the way they are. It is more complicated in the case of Mister Plahotniuc. Because starting from justice, law and ending with politics – everything is controlled by him. He stays on the horse, but the horse might be lame.
We cannot endlessly fear of a man who caused much harm. He truly caused harm. I have told you this and I repeat it once again. Yes, I was the man who pulled the trigger, but the wish was not mine. It wasn’t me the man who staged this. I am just the man who left and returned. Do you believe that the man who pulled the trigger is more dangerous than the man who planned this? Well, now I ask him this question: Mister Plahotniuc, how do you feel after planning this? I was your tool. I was imprisoned with the help of Vanya and Vanya received his commission of one hundred thousand.
– In Bucharest, the Moraru brothers had a brother who had problems with some people in this country. As a result, someone ordered their brother and he was killed in a bar. Well, they tried different ways in their life in order to revenge. I mean more attempts were applied to murder a certain man. There was more than just one attempt. Some boys stopped him in the traffic and beat him, he stayed in a coma. Some boys threw him a bomb and, after this, organs of his were detected, but he was not killed. Well, in the end, they reached me through Vanya. I owed money, I could not return it. They proposed me to do what I had to do in London, to pay off: “Come and finish what you started here and that’s all”.
These people are not so simple. I mean, do you realize why Vanya is judged now? Why is he judged in Moldova? Because he shot in the head three boys and buried them because they did not pay him back about one thousand euro. Yes, it is about the previous years, but it was a small amount of money. Do you realize how they act when it is about large amounts of money? That means they are unscrupulous men. They shake hands when they meet, and after this they shoot in each other. They were friends some time ago. They sit at the same table, they ate and drank together, and after this… I am aware of what could happen. I had to appeal to the Romanian state. I am aware that if I get in our country, they will try by all means to obtain information which they need in order to tilt the balance. And then what? Or I die because of heart condition, or I die of tuberculosis, or I die because of liver condition, I have problems with my liver. I mean, sooner or later I’ll die, because many people have died in prison.
– In an audio recording, you tell that Vladimir Plahotniuc is blood-stained…
– Well, you know what’s the problem, since you attempt to a man’s life, how are you called? Are you blood-stained or not? Throughout history, the greatest killers were not the ones who performed the murder, but the people who ordered this. These are the serial killers, not the ones who pulled the trigger. Yes, we are bad people. Men, in general, kill each other throughout times. Even 10 thousand years ago we were running one after another to kick our heads with bats. But the most dangerous one is the one who ruled the tribe. Do you think that I’m the only one? Do you really think that it’s only me, Vitaly? Vlad Plahotniuc has a good, well-developed team. The team is formed of people of my type, but also people with stars on their shoulders who still commit abuses, commit offenses. You know what I mean? Some are protected, some are appointed in key positions, they are not liable for what they do. It is normal among them that they do not hold liable each other, as they are part of the same team. If justice was functional in our country like it has to be… In Romania, no matter whether it is a politician, an important person, it has millions, or billions, if he is wrong – he is imprisoned. There were even people with mass-media trusts, and others.
I’ll tell you one thing and I guess it will enlighten all the people. People of good faith, if Mister Vlad Plahotniuc was not involved in all this mess, what was the intention to arrest my family? What was the intention to send to me men from his team to bring me written on sheets of paper what I should say? To submit a statement on the behalf of the Prosecutor General of the country, to sign and to stamp it and to send it to Moldova. What was the reason? If I am a normal person, if I’m not guilty of anything, why would I need this? Write what you want! Do what you want! It doesn’t interest me. I would proceed this way, like an ordinary man. “What does that fool tell about me? This is nonsense! Stay in jail!”. Right? But this man is smart. He stays secluded, he does not come in front of the public, he says nothing. This is a psychological method as well. I read books on psychology, I studied it, too, and I understand it in a kind of way. Yes, I understand his position. But, you know, he has one position for the public, but in fact he sends his close people to Venera Gasparyan, my mother-in-law. “You! Go to her for a discussion! You! Go to him in Romania and ask for the paper.”. There are recordings.
At a certain moment, my mother-in-law told to my wife to record everything, because their talks were recorded too. So, there exist all sorts of video and audio recording about what they are offered and how they are offered, and other details. The man who was coming directly from Plahotniuc was coming with offers. Nobody was forcing him, he was just coming and talking. There are recordings, registrations, films, everything. I mean, if they were acting like spies with us, we did a similar thing to them. Do you realize how dumb is Chizhychenko, the one who was visiting me? He was telling me that he is a lawyer, he is member of the team, and he was telling me to relax. What? Are you a lawyer and you write for me on a sheet of paper what I should write? I asked him kindly to write for me and then he transmitted the paper to me. It is now kept as a proof. You cannot come in front of people as if not involved in anything, with such a position. Well, he does so because he consumes much cocaine and his jaw is clenched.
– Where do you know this from?
– And who does not know about this? Vlad Plahotniuc is a coke consumer. I mean he is a drug consumer, but he uses cocaine in particular. Because once you have so many things in your head, you need peace, and speed at the same time. Well, coke gives you namely the necessary tranquility and the necessary force, or speed. We know it and other people know it as well. I cannot tell where I know this from, but I think one out of ten people know that he consumes cocaine.
– The last news which I received alerted me entirely. They decided to initiate a case on my wife – a woman with little kids. I don’t know what to say, I don’t know how to motivate this article. As if she does not sell children, but deals with infant pornography, kind of. People of good faith, Tati is a woman who gave birth to three children and she grows them alone. She does not even have this in her mind. She is a devoted mother! She is ready for everything for her children, like any other mother. Something like this does not exist. But, to bedevil her… Why to harm her? This is the following step of this man with diabolic thought. Plahotniuc contemplates them, orders and everything is executed. This man has time to think about anyone, because when you consume coke you have one thousand thoughts. I mean, you don’t think about just one thing. You are a robot, you think about one hundred things at once.
Well, the following step is that if she is accused of this, they have the right to deprive her of children. Just in case, we had to submit acts our parents to obtain direct rights. I think to send her to a state which would take her under its protection. What is with all this madness? We live in terror. She is 30 years old, but her hair is gray.
– Are you afraid for her life?
– Of course! I am afraid each day. Although I am a sinful man, in the evening, before going to bed, I repeat the Lord’s prayer and thank him that I have lived one more day.
– When they were telling you to submit those statements on the paper, what were they going to give you instead?
– They told me so: “Vitaly, you submit this paper, and then send it there, so it reaches us.”. Then I said to him: “OK. I submit this paper and I give it to you. What do I get instead?”. He told me so: “I leave now for Moldova and tell them that you agree. Everything is OK. We will release your brother-in-law, we’ll release the others, too, including Malarchuk. We’ll return your wife’s car. This file is closed and that’s it. Besides this, you will receive a sum of money. It is about half of million, but you will receive it divided into installments, under different forms. That means initially there will be a large installment and after this amounts of 50-70.”. OK. He left for Moldova, one month passed, but nothing happened and I contacted him.
– Whom?
– Chizhychenko. “What’s the problem? You’ve promised that you are man of honor.”. “Well, Vitaly, I have been there and I have talked, but I don’t know what’s the situation. The things will change slightly, but you send the paper it to reach us.”. That was exactly the reason why I extended time and did not send the paper. For them, the paper was like a joker hidden in their sleeve: “We have the paper, it is put down in black and white, it is stamped and signed by him, at the bottom of the paper there is written: “This is my statement, I maintain it”.
– I’d like to ask you, besides that visit of the officials, I tell about the prosecutor and someone from the Embassy, did someone else visit you from the Republic of Moldova, I mean from the Prosecutor General’s Office?
– Three prosecutors came here. Someone from the penitentiary came to me and told that three men will visit me. But those men never came. I heard that they submitted a request to the Prosecutor’s Office, they had to come here but they never did. Well, later I found out that those men who wanted to visit me are those three who were at German Gorbuntsov, in London. They are exactly the same three men. They arrived here and since they did not visit me the first day, then the second, in the end they left.
– Give me their names.
– I cannot tell you their names now.
– Cavcaliuc?
– Yes, yes, yes. I wrote them on a paper, I had to take them with me. It was Cavcaliuc and two more, I don’t remember their names.
– Do you know what they wanted?
– Do you know what’s the problem? It is a simple problem. I can solve it using the deduction method, if you want. Once they reached German Gorbuntsov and talked to him there, the whole situation turned to 180 degrees. I can suppose just one thing, especially knowing Cavcaliuc. I was proposed to come home, because everything would have been solved here and so on. I was even contacted by phone: “That one is in jail for triple kill in Moldova, and you stay here for one who has a scratch, who is not dead, for 21 years. A retrial will take place, you’ll be imprisoned for 10-11 years and that’s all.”. They were making offers, but the problem was that I had to remove him definitively from this scheme. This was aimed, this was the main purpose for the first time and for the second, and for all the other times.
The paper and all the arrests around me had the following purpose: 1) I to stay still and 2) I to remove him from the scheme because namely to this conclusion there was leading the discussion with those men, the discussion with the one who brought me the paper to sign. Regarding Mister Plahotniuc, in all these cases I was told to mention that I do not know this man, I have nothing in common with him, I to remove him definitively from this scheme. He does not exist here. But it’s not quite so, because namely he is the evil, he is the head of all this. If Mister Plahotniuc did not exist here, there was no subject about Vanya and about me, and this mess did not happen. Or it happened with other people, in another conjuncture.
– To remove from the scheme Vladimir Plahotniuc and accuse Renato Usatyi.
– Well, yes.
– But what is the interest?
– I cannot explain this thing. I really don’t know their political affair, or the attribution between Renato and German Gorbuntsov, or Renato with Vlad Plahotniuc. I know nothing about their affairs. When you say that an ordinary man, from the countryside is accused because he ordered a murder of an influential person, it is not credible. Instead, if we suppose that it was not Plahotniuc, but Renato, it is much more credible because Renato is a well-known character. I’ve heard that he participated as candidate at the presidential elections. I don’t know what problems he had, with whom, I don’t know whom he unmasked and who did not like this. I don’t know what’s the deal between them, but this is their game and I think that they know it better and settle it among themselves. I am in the middle of all this now. They used me like many other people are used. In particularly, Mister Plahotniuc is master in this since he was trafficking women to Germany.
– What do you know about this?
– The entire Moldova knows about this. Who doesn’t know about Mister Vlad’s escorts? If those women, who were trafficked by him, had a lot of kick to come out to speak, I guess hundreds of them would gather. I bet your tape would finish while listening to them. Yes, much time has passed. Some of them are already old, but others are afraid and will not come out to speak. If someone was giving the show away, they were soon disappearing, and their recordings have never been found too.
– You told that the investigation is slowed down here. What’s the reason?
– I don’t know why. It is not that it is slowed down, it is in progress for a long time. If Mister Vlad Plahotniuc wants, I give my word that if he comes to Romania, because I do not have the possibility to go to Moldova and do not want it, I will confront him and we’ll go together to pass the polygraph test. If he makes statements, I’ll make too. That’s what he has to do if he is an honest man, if he is a respected man, like he thinks he is and like others consider him to be. I guess that when very serious accusations are brought on your behalf, even if they come from a criminal, and you are an honest man and have nothing to hide, nothing can stop you to come to Bucharest. Right? You come to Bucharest: “Who has requested my presence? Oh, the Prosecutor’s Office wants to see me. What do you want from me? I suppose he is not afraid, he is not concerned about an investigation. I suppose that if he is brought here, possibly he could be imprisoned for a long time.
– The entire story has taken a turn! This man, Vlad, and everybody who surrounds him, have gone crazy. I am looking to what is happening: people are kept, people are arrested. So I had to ensure myself with some papers that would never allow my extradition. It was impossible for me not to think about these things. Because I am aware that this man knows that I know and people who had to understand that I know or those who do not want to overhear it have understood this. Yes, I truly know and he is truly involved in this, because everything he has done leads to this assignment.
Moreover, Vanya Pisatel knows the whole story. He called Pisatel and told him to offer an interview that it is not him involved, it is Renato involved in this. The whole thing was staged, exactly like I present to you. Because once I am visited by people from his behalf and they show me what to write and they write it with their own hand I just to copy it, what should I add? I had to write like they told me and it was written “your text” lower. After I wrote what they told me, I had to write this too. Do you understand how had this paper to be? These papers exist.
– I realize that you played a double game, but do those from the Republic of Moldova understand that you have these proofs?
– Now they know. That’s why I told you: after these disclosures, be more attentive where you walk, where you step. Because Valera Malarchuk was kept closed nine months just to find out where a stick is.
– What kind of stick?
– A USB stick with some information of mine. Besides this paper, some years ago, I wrote one more paper with my own hand with details of what, how, who… Just in case.
– You wrote the truth.
– Obviously. That paper is put aside and well preserved. Besides this, I had something on an USB stick as well. When I was in Moscow, I used illegally a phone to make a recording and hided it. Why would a man do it? Why did I do it five years ago? I did it simply because, in that letter, I specified that if I fall down and die, this man is the guilty one. If X happens, man Y is guilty. I mean I specified who is involved, how he is involved, what happened and if something happens to me, here is the truth. Let the people know: I wrote it until being extradited to this country, and nowadays it is not difficult to take a paper to the expertise and see when it was written.
The idea is the following: four years ago I foresaw that the things will take such a turn and I tell you why. At a certain moment, information is like wine: as long as it is bottled, it has a price. Then you take the wine, open it, examine the label, see what year it is produced, you see that it’s expensive, it’s good. But once you open it and taste it, the second day it is not good anymore. The same is with information. So, four years ago I thought to hide some information that I knew would help me in future. I did it not because I am smart, but for my safety, for the future of my family, etc. I foresaw this knowing who is Plahotniuc, knowing the band that surrounds him, knowing Pisatel, knowing everything that happens around him. Then, I realized one thing: I have to put something aside, because they know that I am alive and they know that I know and they will search in a form or another to liquidate me. Then, I thought that, no matter what happens, it is good I to have some papers put aside, just in case.
You know, now it is a mystery, but afterwards the mystery is found out. Well, in my case, I thought that it is better to entangle the mystery after five years, when I am still alive, when I am still able to discuss about it. It is simple: they argued or there was a misunderstanding and he wanted to kill him. One of their man found me: “Go and kill him and we’ll give you 250 thousand euro.”. This is all the affair. In an interview, Mister Gorbuntsov was asking who Mister Plahotniuc is? Who is he? Why does he want to see me? Well, it is not about our meeting. Excuse me, Plahotniuc was taking hookers abroad, what are we talking about? I mean, he is an unscrupulous man. He knows good and bad people. He communicates with members of the Parliament, he communicates with bandits. And, pay attention, he communicates with very dangerous bandits and with very dangerous MPs.
– I think that the best variant would be if each of us would assume its responsibility. Yes, whether some want it and some – don’t. I tell it to everybody. I assume my responsibility now for what I’ve done. So, regarding Vanya Pisatel: let him be responsible for what he did and it is better if he sticks to his business, not to tell that someone is going crazy, as he might get one-two hundred of years in addition. And if he gets 50-100 more years in addition, this will happen thanks to Vladimir Plahotniuc. Through different combinations of his.
Regarding Vladimir Plahotniuc, I think that it has come the time he to assume his responsibility as well, if he has nothing to hide, if he is so clean and honest like he pretends to be. Let him come here, let him discuss with the competent bodies. Let him tell about how he is accused without any reason. Here, he’ll be told whether he is guilty or not. Because if a man has nothing to hide or is not afraid of anything, he will come alone for summons. I suppose that Vladimir Plahotniuc will receive an official notification. Everything depends on him, whether he has free time in his program. But I guess he could spend some of his precious time. Between the time when he snuffs two-three lines in the morning, and till the afternoon, when he snuffs the next ones, he has enough time to fly quickly. Because he has his own plane, so he could come quickly to Bucharest. Two hours in the DNA plus the flight – it takes him four hours. He has enough time to snuff in the morning and in the afternoon.
– You have to clearly understand: no one has attribution in this. It is said that Renato is involved in this, but no one is involved. In fact, there are four people involved and namely Vlad Plahotniuc, Vanya Pisatel, Halupa and me. All these people who were sent by Plahotniuc through some prosecutors, through the persons who went to my mother-in-law, they all are on nobody’s side. All are members of Plahotniuc’s band. And there is just one question: if you are innocent, why do you send tens of people, why you pressure, lie in ambush, arrest, seize, for what? For shutting my mouth? OK, for five years you have kept my mouth shut. But today I have opened it on my own you not to have reasons to tell that I hushed till now. Now look what I’ve told. Yes, I have told about you.

You have to think about it, because I have thought much and I have assumed my responsibility. I don’t know how much I’ll live after this, but I want you, and all the people, to know one thing: I assume my responsibility for what I’ve done and I think that the time has come you to assume your responsibility for what you ordered, because I did not want to do this. You paid me I to want this and all the people have to understand it. That’s it. The only message which I’d like to send for the rest: People of good faith, beware of this man’s dreams, because if you, sooner or later, get involved with him, you will bear consequences. Everyone I knew that had common business with him has ended badly.

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