The lawyer Cretu, warned that he could be KILLED: „The police, ISS and the bandits of Tutu are searching for me”

The lawyer Ion Cretu was warned that he could be crippled or even killed for the disclosures made by him in the context of the theft of billion. Being the fugitive for more than half a year, the man claims that people from police as well as from the entourage of Ilan Shor transmitted him that he is searched intensively, that is paid lots of money to be found and that he risks to come to hand of individuals from the criminal world.

All because of the bank turnovers of the companies involved in the theft of the century that Cretu obtained before leaving the Republic of Moldova. The lawyer spoke exclusively at Jurnalul Săptămânii about the measures underaken in order to close his mouth.

The lawyer Ion Cretu, convicted this summer and searched for by the police since February, says that after the publication of several information from the bank turnovers of the companies involved in the theft of billion, Ilan Shor would have been involved personally in the discover of his location.

The defender of Veaceslav Platon in the case of the “theft of the century” declares that he was warned by people from inside the law system, but also by people from the entourage of Ilan Shor. Cretu does not disclose the names of the sources, but claims to have been informed about the fact that the searches have been intensified both in the police and in the bandit circles.

„During the last period, there were intensified the warnings that the police, the SIS, and the bandits of Tutu are searching for me intensely. I was announced both from inside of the law enforcement bodies as well as from the entourage of Ilan Shor that Ilan Shor pays to find me. Moreover, in the police there is an internal order that the collaborator that will find me will be raised in rank and function. The SIS determined my phone number and gave it to the wiretap. All the actions with SIS are coordinated by the former director of SIS, Ivan Ursu, the one that was involved in the bank fraud and the person from the entourage of Ilan Shor.

Plus, it was transmitted to me that I am searched for by the bandits of Tutu, that is, something may happen to me accidentally, to be crippled, to be killed and to be blamed that it made accidentally by a drug addict or somebody else”, the lawyer said in a Skype interview with the team of Jurnalul Săptămânii. „Also from inside the law enforcement bodies and from several sources I found out that during the last period, the searches intensified and who invests, who pays for my search. All my searches are paid by Ilan Shor. But let’s not forget something else.

The SIS and MIA are subordinated to Vladimir Plahotniuc, without the consent of Vladimir Plahotniuc no one would search for me. Yes, for the executors from the MIA, SIS, and bandits of Tutu, it is necessary to finance these expenses and these expenses are paid by Ilan Shor. He pays to find me so that not to be disclosed more information about the truth of the theft of billion and the truth about how stole Shor, Plahotniuc and the people from their entourage. Ilan Shor pays not to be sacrificed at any moment, to remove eyes from the DP. In order to avoid being sacrificed, Ilan Shor is interested in searching for me”, said also the lawyer Ion Cretu.

The lawyer specified that the warnings and searches intensified especially after the investigation with Iurie Leanca regarding the studies abroad of his son, funded by Ilan Shor from the stolen billion. “They have begun to search for me more intensively and I began to receive more and more often the signals from several employees of the MIA and from the entourage of Ilan Shor that know the information that SIS is searching for me, not only the police, but also the bandits of Tutu. It is already up to who will find me first. I received warnings when investigations began to be broadcasted and to be demonstrated those turnovers that I presented to the press. They began to prevent me better not to present them to the press and to stay where I stay, to stay quietly, not to go out in public and not to declare anything. But now is already that’s it, are searching for me intensively and it does not matter if I will be found by the police or the SIS, the information where I am will be given to the bandits of Tutu and they will handle already”, added Ion Cretu.

The lawyer says he decided to make these statements in order to be heard by the public opinion, and thus to guarantee him some security to some extent.

“The fact that something will happen to me will be investigated also by the same people that are searching for me, or that have hidden the bank fraud so far. That is why I want to prevent that if something happens to me not to be believed. To be beaten, to be killed, to be as if by a drug addict or other their invention. Do not believe these facts. I am a human and it is normal that I am afraid, but for this reason namely I want to communicate publicly. For example, I am not going to take my own life, I am very careful, but if something happens I want to communicate, the world to know who is guilty.

This is my purpose, I want to assure my security. Because I am really in danger, especially given that the warnings have intensified recently. These people do not want to divulge the names already for their security. As if I now make public the names of these people, they are arrested by tomorrow. Shor is generous, because if for four years this action was hidden by the prosecutors, at the moment, through the turnovers presented by me, look at how many investigations have been carried out and how many truths are being established. That is why I hinder very much these people. Because the truth is revealed and people see all this truth. Since the press has begun to analyze and conduct investigations, they are bothering them. Because it is obvious that they hide the bank fraud. It is a crime committed against the people and they hide it”, said also the lawyer Ion Cretu.

Ilan Shor did not answer the mobile phone in order to give a reaction, and his spokeswoman interrupted the phone calls. After unsuccessful attempts to contact the heads of police and SIS, we sent them the requests of reactions through the Press Services. The deputy of the DP Constantin Tutu refused to talk with the reporter of Jurnal TV.

Ivan Ursu, the former director of the Intelligence and Security Service and the former coordinator of Ilan Shor in the Board of Administration of Banca de Economii, could not be found to be asked for a comment. Vladimir Plahotniuc did not answer the phone.

The lawyer Ion Cretu fled from the Republic of Moldova on February 28th, 2018, when the Court of Criuleni issued an arrest warrant on his behalf. The same day the police put him on the wanted list, although the court approved such a measure only two months later. This summer, Ion Cretu was convicted of influence trafficking in the criminal case opened in March 2014. The man claims that the arrest warrant, search and conviction would be related to the fact that he has the bank statements of several companies involved in the theft of the century, and these documents contain information that can reveal some of the beneficiaries. From the turnovers of these companies there can be reconstructed the way of money stolen from the Moldavian banking system.

Jurnal TV examined a part of these documents provided by Cretu and presented them within the campaign “Where is the billion?”. The journalists demonstrated, for example, two payments made by a company of Ilan Shor for the studies of the son of the Prime Minister Iurie Leanca and presented the transfers that suggest that Shor would have sponsored the electoral campaign of the Democratic Party in 2014. Jurnal TV presented also the evidence that the former banker of BEM, Banca Socială and Unibank benefited, contrary to the court statements, from certain amounts of fraudulent credits that led to the bankruptcy of the state bank and withdrawal of reserves from the National Bank; that with this money bought a plane, that he spent hundreds of thousands of euro for luxury holidays in the Maldives, France or Greece. The latest trip of the team of Jurnal TV to the City Hall of Orhei in order to request the reaction of Shor was marked by scandal – the journalists had to call the police, because employees of Shor blocked them the access to the public institution.