“We have reached to see this. The one who put the foundation of the Russian laundry of 20 billion USD will be judge in his own case. Instead of standing among the criminal judges, he will preside the Constitutional Court, like the other day Micu was presiding the Superior Council of Magistracy, instead of standing near the one who determined him to commit the offense”, Andrei Nastase affirms.

“We are condemned to continue to work for the future of this country, to fight and, together with the upright and professional people of this land, to take over the power, to bring a European prosecutor, whom we will provide full freedom. Otherwise, we are lost”, the PPDA leader added.

The declaration comes in the context in which the President of the Constitutional Court, Alexandru Tanase, former MP and ex-minister of Justice, played an important role in the scheme of laundering of about 20 billion USD (the case of the Russian Laundromat) through the courts of the Republic of Moldova.

More precise, Alexandru Tănase elaborated, while he was MP, a draft law that was establishing a ceiling for the state tax right in the eve of the laundering of the billions through the judiciary of the Republic of Moldova. Tănase's proposal, four months before the appearance of the first order that was concerning big sums from the Russian Federation, it was amended the legislation in the view of establishment of a ceiling for the payment of state tax in court.

Thus, if till May 2010, the claimants were obliged to pay, while addressing to court, 3% from the value of the action, after this amendment the state tax was established of maximum 25 thousand lei, in the case of individuals, and of 50 thousand lei in the case of legal persons.

“Through this document, the state tax was capped in patrimonial litigation, and as a consequence, the state budget missed 540 million USD”, declared previously the DA Platform leader, who also published the text of the draft law, as well as the transcripts of the meetings of the Parliament from May, 20, 2010. The one who insisted Tănase's draft to be urgently voted in the second reading is the Acting President of the Chişinău Court of Appeal, Ion Pleşca, and the then president of the Parliament, Mihai Ghimpu, was responsible for this speeding, emphasized Andrei Năstase.

We specify that Andrei Nastase disclosed the laundering of billions through Moldovan judiciary in 2013. In 2014, Andrei Nastase published a memorandum on the laundering of tens of billions of USD and raider attacks performed through the judiciary of the Republic of Moldova. Moreover, the DA Platform leader required the urgent investigation of the actions by the specialized international institutions and the sanctioning of judges, of the heads of the institutions-accomplices and of those in whose interest the raider attacks and the laundering of tens of billions of USD were committed.