Shor, luxury vacation in Greece with money stolen from Banca de Economii // INVESTIGATION Jurnalul Săptămânii

Ilan Shor spent money stolen from the banking system not only for vacation on the French seaside about which we told you in details in our previous edition. Shor had also great fun in Greece, in June 2014. We managed to identify the expenses of 108 thousand euro for this trip, paid out of the so-called “billion”.

Mayor of Orhei does not want to answer the questions, and the attempts to address him became dangerous for journalists.

Wife of Ilan Shor, singer from Russia, Jasmin, posted on the social networks several photos from a vacation spent in Greece in June 2014. It’s about a week spent on the island of Crete, in a luxury resort, on a private peninsula. The Shor family was accompanied by the friends that kept them company also in other trips, such as the fashion designer from Russia Valentin Iudaskin and his wife.

On the photos posted on the internet by the members of the group appears also the model Olesea Kojin-Bosloveak, the wife of the ex-adviser of Kremlin, Vladimir Kojin. The group rented at least two of the most expensive villas in the resort, exclusive options.

By the comparison of the photos posted by Jasmin and her friends with the information provided by the luxury resort about its accommodation options, there can be identified two of the rented houses. One of them is this villa, with the surface of over 300 square meters, with private garden and swimming pool. Namely here appears on a photo Ilan Shor, together with his wife and daughter.

Absolute privacy, in an exclusive villa on the shore of the Aegean Sea, located in a private, luxurious garden ... Besides four bedrooms, the house has a living room with the billiard table and a bar, a huge hall with fireplace and plush sofas, an outdoor pool, an office and a kitchen on the ground floor. On the first floor – the area equipped for gymnastics, Turkish bath, jacuzzi and hydromassage bath.

According to the information provided by the luxury resort, accommodation in this villa costs, in June, 10 thousand euro per night! But a discount is possible in case of reservation. It results that a week of vacation in this villa, in June, costs between 56 and 70 thousand euro.

The villa has three sea-view gardens that can host the events with up to 80 guests. Besides four bedrooms, it has two indoor pools and one outdoor pool, a fitness room, a Turkish bath, massage bed, a large living with piano and fireplace. From the photos posted on the internet, it results that one of the parties at which had fun the group was organized in Greek style. With dances. But even with the plate smashing, the pleasure in which indulged many women from the group. The wife of the ex-adviser of Vladimir Putin described this occupation as an anti-stress measure.

This accommodation option has a standard price of 15 thousand euro per night, in June. However, as in the first case, if the booking is done long before, a discount is possible. 11 thousand 250 euro per day is the price with discount. We calculated that renting of this property for a week costs between 78 and 107 thousand euro.

During the vacation, the group visited several places on the island of Crete. For example, Minos Palace in Knossos, Zeus Cave or Matala Beach. The photos posted on the internet talk about the fact that there were used helicopter and yacht, the transport means that cost a lot of money. Once the trip to Greece ended, one of the companies of Ilan Shor, involved in the theft of billion dollars from the Moldavian banking system, already known to our viewers, Hezburg LLP, made two transfers to a Greek company affiliated to the luxury resort where stayed the family of the former banker and friends.

The total sum is over 78 thousand euro. The first transfer was made even the next day after the end of the stay – on June 20th, 2014. On the same day, there were paid another about 30 thousand euro, for transport services, to a company of Cyprus that rents out the yachts, including in the waters of Greece. So far, we have 108 thousand euro for a week of vacation. And these are just the expenses that can be identified in the bank transactions of the non-resident Hezburg LLP. It is not excluded that some expenses were paid through other companies. Such as a payment for the reservation of villas that in the case of the options chosen by Shor constitutes 50% of the total amount for the accommodation and that should be transferred two months before the stay. At least this is indicated in the emails from the resort to the reporter of Jurnal TV, who presented himself as a potential client.

Due to the extracts from the accounts of several companies involved in the theft from the banks there can be established the way passed by money. Those 108 thousand euro spent by Shor in Greece, in June 2014, through the company Hezburg, originated from the credits offered by Banca de Economii. It is referred to the loans that led in final to what we call today, generically, the “theft of billion” or “the theft of the century”. Money came from the Moldavian companies of Shor that for several years received the fraudulent loans from those three banks involved in the fraud and contributed to the formation of a public debt of 25 billion lei.

For example, those two transfers for the luxury resort on the island of Crete. They passed approximately the same way. Meaning that they passed through the same companies. To Hezburg LLP came from Formisold LLP. Here came from Welentas LP that in its turn benefited from the transfers from Hostas Level LLP. And the Moldavian company from where started the chain is Alvaro Grup SRL, which on June 20th, 2014 made a two-million-euro transfer from an account held in Banca de Economii.

On June 20th, 2014, Alvaro received a two-million-euro loan from BEM. Details of this loan are found in an order of the initiation of a new criminal prosecution in the bank fraud case, on behalf of Veaceslav Platon, one of the convicted persons on the basis of the testimonies given by Ilan Shor. The new case focuses on a part of the total damage caused to Banca de Economii – about two billion lei. In an ordinance signed on June 4th, 2018, anticorruption prosecutor Andrei Baiesu says that the former banker took this sum from BEM and gave it to Platon, who would have deceived him. The case has not yet been sent to the court. Veaceslav Platon denies the accusation and sent to Baiesu the letters in which states that the authors and beneficiaries are Ilan Shor and the chairperson of the Democratic Party, Vladimir Plahotniuc.

We opened these brackets in order to demonstrate how fits in the payment made by Shor for the luxury resort in Greece in a larger context of the bank robbery.

Analysing the bank turnovers of the companies Hezburg, Formisold, Welentas and Hostas Level, involved in the fraudulent circuit, we saw earlier how 78 thousand euro of the two million loan received on June 20th by Alvaro Group from BEM were spent by Shor for the payment of the rent at a luxury resort in Greece. And from the ordinance signed by the prosecutor Baiesu, we delineate a new branch of the same loan.

On June 24th, out of those two million received from Alvaro, Hostas Level transfers about one million four hundred thousand euro to the accounts of the LLC of Shor, Univet Invest, that uses money to repay its loan at Moldindconbank. The loan about which the prosecutor Baiesu claims that beneficiary would have been Platon. We cannot tell who namely is the beneficiary of this part of the loan, but what becomes certain once being publicly displayed this scheme is the fact that Ilan Shor benefited personally from certain fractions of the fraudulent loans for which are accused other figures of the case.

The situation is repeated also in the case of the transfer of nearly 30 thousand euro from Hezburg LLP to the company that rents out the yachts. The analysis of the turnovers leads us, as in the case of money paid for the luxury resort, to the loans taken out from BEM by a company of Shor, this time Caritas Group SRL, but incriminated to Platon in the ordinance of Baiesu.

A similar example, but already with the involvement of another convicted person in the bank fraud case, we revealed in the last edition of the campaign, “Where is the billion?” we displayed publicly the partial flow of money from other loans contracted by the Mayor of Orhei. Then we demonstrated that from the same loans for which he accused Filat, Shor rented for him a villa in France.

There remains valid the question we have asked since the first investigations conducted on the theme of the “theft of the billion”. Why was the evidence regarding the expenses made by Shor in personal benefit, from the sources stolen from the banks, were unable to attract a conviction for fraud? Shor declared in the court that he did not benefit personally from the sources of fraudulent loans, and in this way the accusation was requalified to the article with a milder punishment that allows also a possible amnesty.

The fraudulent loans at the expense of which Ilan Shor rested in Greece, in June 2014, are to be repaid with interest by all the citizens of the Republic of Moldova. Only the company Caritas Group SRL, mentioned above, made a hole of more than 3,6 billion lei in Banca de Economii. And one of the loans that formed this figure served in June 2014 as a source of the transfer made by Ilan Shor for the company that rents out the yachts.

We went to Orhei to ask Shor what he thinks about the fact that the citizens are forced to pay his bills for vacation. And this time, the reporter had to run behind him to ask him a question. Instead of receiving the answers, the journalist was pushed by the bodyguards pf Shor.

The shooting team was surrounded by three security agents - two from the personal guard of Shor and another – employee of the City Hall of Orhei that prevented the journalists from entering the City Hall. The absurdity of the situation degenerated up to the fact that the door of the public institution was blocked by the cleaning woman.

The security agent, employee of the City Hall of Orhei, refused to tell us his name and of the employee that blocked the door of the institution. He also did not explain the reason for which the shooting team was not allowed to enter.

Some residents of Orhei city had to look for other access ways in order to enter the city hall. And that is because the cleaning woman would have decided so.

The cleaning woman from the City Hall of Orhei did not seem to be disturbed at all by the fact that the police could come.

Eventually, after one of the bodyguards of Shor made a sign to the employee of the guard of the city hall that we could enter, we could walk into the public institution.

The bodyguard of the former banker of BEM forbade us to climb the stairs to the office of Shor, which, in his opinion, would be a private place.

When the police arrived, the man said that the reporter had not legitimized before asking the questions and the bodyguards were scared that the body integrity of the client would be endangered.

More. The unnamed individual warned the journalist that she had escaped easily, but she could have been harmed. The threats continued already against the operator.

While the reporter and the cameraman were inside the City Hall of Orhei, outdoors remained the driver, the employee of Jurnal TV. The man said that three strangers approached, took photographs, searched something under the car, tried to open the doors. Such an attitude towards a team of journalists is hard to qualify, all the more so that, in our opinion, the questions that the reporter of Jurnal TV asked Ilan Shor are in the interest of each citizen individually.

And the employees of the City Hall of Orhei and the bodyguards of Shor and the strangers that hung around the car of Jurnal TV are participating currently and will participate also in the next two decades in the repayment of the debt of 25 billion lei formed because of the fraud in the banks controlled by Shor. However, the investigations of Jurnal TV within the campaign “Where is the billion?” is not about the luxury and entertainment of Shor, but it is about his merrymaking with money of the citizens, including with money of cleaning women of the City Hall of Orhei. Returning to the vacation spent by the Shor family and friends on the Crete island, in June 2014, we will emphasize also that there were used at least an airplane from the then fleet of Nobil Air, the airline company that, a year earlier, in April 2013, Ilan Shor bought from the oligarch Vladimir Plahotniuc. This refers to a Dassault Falcon that was in the supply of the company, during the period of October 2013 – December 2014, and had the registration number ER-KVI. A photo of this aircraft was published on the internet by the wife of Valentin Iudaskin on the first day of vacation, on June 12th.

While Ilan Shor and his friends were using the planes of Nobil Air, this company played its role in the theft of the billion, a fact remarked also by the financial investigators of the Kroll agency hired by the authorities to investigate the bank fraud. On the one hand, this company received the loans from the banks controlled by Ilan Shor. On the other hand – benefited also from the transfers from the loans taken by other companies from the same three financial institutions. We specify that besides the plane Dassault Falcon, mentioned previously, bought by Nobil Air in October 2013, company of Ilan Shor acquired also at the end of 2014 an Embraer Legacy-650, about which we demonstrated previously that was purchased including with money from the fraudulent loans that led to the bankruptcy of Banca de Economii.

We would like to specify that the bank turnovers of several companies involved in the theft of the billion, from which can be built the way of several transfers made by Shor, were offered by Jurnal TV by the lawyer Ion Cretu, one of the defenders of Veaceslav Platon in the case of bank fraud. Cretu declares that after announcing that he has these documents that he obtained from confidential sources, he had to flee from the Republic of Moldova. In February 2018, in his name there was issued an arrest warrant within a criminal case opened in 2014 for the abuse of authority. The lawyer qualifies this case as fabricated on order and filed a complaint to the European Court of Human Rights.