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„Boyars of impoverished Moldova”: Shor spent 150.000 dollars for a luxury holiday in the Maldives

Out of the billion stolen from the Moldovan banking system, 150,000 dollars went to the Maldives. Ilan Shor sent this sum to a beautiful island in the Indian Ocean where he flew after the theft was completed. Probably tired of work he has done, he went on a vacation with his family and friends. Among them - the wife of a former dignitary from Vladimir Putin's team.

In November 2014, a few days before the "theft of the billion" operation was completed, one of Ilan Shor's companies involved in the robbery scheme made two 150-thousand-dollar transfers to the accounts of an impetuous resort station on an island in the Maldives archipelago. In less than two months, at the beginning of 2015, the bankrupt banker's family was flying for a dream holiday. Photos of that trip were posted on social networks by the wife of the convicted in the bank fraud case, Sara Shor, the Russian singer named on scenes as Jasmin.

The resort where the family was staying is considered one of the most expensive in the world and offers the most spectacular villas. Huge pools, outdoor areas, direct access to the private beach - a total isolation in a paradise. "Imagine the white sandy beaches and the turquoise waters, stretching as far as you can see - and that's just the beginning!" - so the resort chosen by Shor is luring the rich clients. Far from the realities of Moldova. For example, one of the exclusive services that can be enjoyed today by the guests of this resort is the underwater trip with a three-seat submarine.

From the photos posted by Shor's wife on the internet, it appears that the family opted in January 2015 for this variant of accommodation in the luxurious resort. A two-bedroom villa on the oceanfront with a large swimming pool and private beach exit.

The Maldives resort received from the offshore Hezburg LLP recognized by Shor as his company, two payments - 50 and 100 thousand dollars. On 10 and 24 November 2014 respectively. The money came from the fraudulent credits that robbed the Moldovan banking system - the first amount of a loan from Unibank and the second - from Banca de Economii. We will briefly present the money's way, which, although trying to camouflage it, can be traced through the documents offered to the press by the lawyers of Veaceslav Platon, who was convicted in the bank fraud case based on statements made by Ilan Shor. The first 50,000 dollars came from a credit from Unibank. The route was as follows:

On November 6, 2014, Unibank grants a € 2.1 million loan to the Contrade LTD from Moldova. He is transferring the money to the British offshore Genyral Trade LP, which converts 40.5 thousand euros into 50 thousand dollars, and in three days, on November 10, sends 49 thousand and 940 $ US to Hezburg LLP, a company also registered in the British tax haven. The last company in the chain adds $ 60 and sends 50,000 to the Maldives luxury resort the same day. The second amount of $ 100,000 dollars transferred to the Maldives resort came from a loan from Banca de Economii, with the following route:

On November 21, 2014, BEM grants two loans of 19.6 million euros and 24.7 million dollars to Moldovan company Caritas Group LTD. From here, the money goes to non-resident companies registered in the British tax haven. The Caritas Group makes several transfers, including one of three million euros to Spectra Ventures LLP, which sends money to Delta Management LP. This, in turn, transfers the amount to the accounts of a bank in Latvia to repay a credit overdraft granted by this financial institution to another offshore - Transmark Export LP. The same day, the three million euros are transferred to Bannyster LLP. Two days later, on Nov. 24, Bannyster converts 141 thousand euros into 175 thousand dollars and sends them to Ardooks LLP, and from here the money goes to Genyral Trade LP, which adds a thousand and sends 176 thousand dollars to Hezburg LLP. The same day, the last firm in the chain, transfers 100,000 to the Maldives resort.

All the companies, through which the money was spent, of which, in the end, 150,000 dollars were formed to pay the dream holiday of the Shor family, were recognized by the mayor of Orhei as its own, in within the criminal proceedings in which former Prime Minister Vladimir Filat, former deputy Chiril Lucinschi and businessman Veaceslav Platon were convicted. At the same time, also Ilan Shor controls the banks from which the fraudulent credits were taken, for which citizens of the Republic of Moldova will have to pay 25 billion lei in the next 25 years.

In this edition, we will refer to the sum of $ 150,000 of the total of one billion stolen from the Banca de economii, Banca Sociala and Unibank in November 2014. It would seem unlikely that a figure of just 0.015 percent of total money disappeared without trace. But on the other hand, 150,000 dollars means, for example, a million 250 thousand of bread, which he sells to the poor. Customers of so-called social shops, opened by the former banker, nowadays mayor, will have the opportunity to make a comparison between their lives, where even the economy of a leu has become vital, and the life of the one who participated in the increase of public debt by 25 billion lei and thus contributed to the increase of the general poverty.

The sum of 150,000 dollars is extremely high even for this luxurious resort in the Maldives, where, according to specialized sites, housing a family would cost between 20 and 40 thousand dollars for a week in January. But, Shor went along not only with his wife. The two were accompanied by many friends. In one of the photos we see 17 people - 15 adults and two minors.

"The most beloved friends!" This was the photo of a group posted on the Internet by Valentin Yudaskin, the famous fashion designer from Russia. The couple, their daughter and the son-in-law, spent the holiday with Ilan Shor. In the group photo can be seen also the interpreter Dmitri Malikov, with his wife and daughter. Malikov posted another photo of that trip on the internet. Next to a decorated Christmas tree, about which Shor's wife wrote that it was given to her by friends. With Jasmin's Christmas tree, make Photos many of the people who spent the holiday together with her and place them on social networks. Among these are the wife of Vladimir Kojin, a former adviser of the president of the Russian Federation. The wife of the Russian dignitary can also be seen in the group photo, but the clerk can not be identified. There is a person in this photo, which resembles Vladimir Kojin. A similarity that does not offer the certainty of his presence. Just an assumption. However, the fact that Vladimir Kojin belonged to the group speaks, besides the presence of his wife proves another detail. Another photo, with the faces closer, published by Dmitri Malikov's wife. The image has been edited, but somewhat superficial, so it can be noticed that a person's face has been covered with black and it is exactly the man I supposed to be Kojin. In order not to work with suppositions, we phoned the Maldives luxury resort and talked to the administrator. But he said he did not provide customer information. I called Kojin to ask not only whether he was present, but also who paid for the holiday, given that the amount paid by Shor's firm is much higher than what would have been required for accommodation a single family. Kojin refused to talk with reporter of Jurnal TV.

Subsequently, the man blocked the phone number from which he was called and did not respond even when we tried to contact him with other numbers.

And Ilan Shor refused to discuss the subject.

Even after the event, the former banker did not want to answer.

We will mention a few things. First of all, with regard to Shor's statement that he would only use his money. All the funds that arrived at the Hezburg LLP accounts came from the loans through which Banca de Economii, Banca Sociala and Unibank were defrauded in 2014. Loans of 13 billion lei, for which citizens of the Republic of Moldova will have to turn 25 billion, because that's how the authorities decided to shut the hole. There were no other sources of money on the Hezburg account. This is clearly seen in the bank's business rotation. And the fact that this company, involved in the robbery, belongs to him, was even recognized by Shor in the testimonies he filed against former deputy Chiril Lucinschi.

A second explanation relates to the banker's promise to respond in written form. We underline that all the questions sent by Jurnal TV so far have been ignored. When the reporter referred to this, Ilan Shor's spokesman turned his back.We will also make a third statement. Regarding a new car that is part of the Orhei Mayor's corporation, registered with the preferred registration series of Shor. This Audi, a limousine described on specialized supermarket sites worth over 90,000 euros, is added to more than 40 cars, which Ilan Shor uses without declaring them of course. Reality I mentioned in a previous investigation.

Vladimir Kojin was part of Vladimir Putin's team even before he became the dreaded man of today. In early 2000, after Boris Yeltsin's departure, when Putin was prime minister and interim head of state, Kojin was appointed director of Russian presidency affairs. He held this position until 2014, when he was appointed assistant to the Russian Federation's president for military technical co-operation.

Although the photo is still on the Russian presidency site, the officials of the press service of this institution told us that he has not been active there for about a month. According to press reports, the man is going to occupy a seat in the upper house of the Russian parliament, as a senator from Moscow. Kojin figured in several journalistic investigations on the alienation of public land at ridiculous prices. He also appeared in the investigations of Putin's Black Sea palace for a billion dollars. He even appeared in criminal files, but he was not even tried.

Former adviser to Putin is an old friend of the Shor family. In 2011, Kojin was present at the pompous wedding of Ilan Shor with Jasmin, played in Chisinau in the Palace of the Republic. More than three years ago, the Woors already went to Kojin's wedding with a little-known Russian artist Olyesya Boslovyak. (24) Families often spend their holidays together, and besides, they are usually Yudashkin. They all participate in the same events. Even before traveling to the Maldives, the families of Shor, Kojin and Yudaşkin spent a mountain holiday in France in Megeve. Apart from the skiing, one day, the athletes, at least some, made a helicopter trip to the city of Geneva, about 70 kilometers away. "Flight to Geneva", "15 minutes of pleasure" so described the emotions of those who have published pictures and pictures to share their feelings in the virtual world. In the mountain, the company flew with one of the planes that Cloud had. This is seen in the internet tickets posted by one of the travelers, which featured the short name of the company owned by Shor, Nobil Air, later renamed Classica Air. We would point out that at that time Nobil Air had just signed up with a brand new Embraer Legacy 650 model, worth about 25 million dollars. In a previously published report we showed that the money paid for this aircraft came at least partly from the billions of dollars stolen from the Moldovan banking system through loans granted to Shor.

A few months after those trips, Kojin's boss, Vladimir Putin, decorated Shor's wife as an emeritus artist of Russia.

A possible official investigation into the sources from which the December 2014 - January 2015 holiday of Putin's dignitary family was paid could reveal that Ilan Shor has favored not only Moldovan dignitaries, as was the case with former Prime Minister Vladimir Filat, for which he was condemned.

As for the Shor family, it seems that the Maldives, that is, this resort in the Maldives is one of the favorite destinations of the two spouses. They fly there even twice a year, according to photographs published on the internet. In May 2014, when they were also accompanied by the Yudaskin family, the Shor Wives opted for this accommodation option. A three-bedroom villa, 2000 square meters, an oceanfront swimming pool and private beach.

January 2014. Another trip to the same place. This time, besides the beach, the Shor Wives also made a second wedding, according to the Maldives. Besides, one of the services offered by the luxury resort is the organization of weddings.

Among the friends of Shor's wife, namely those with whom the holidays coincide, both from the point of view of the period and from the point of view of the selected accommodation option, is the wife of another dignitary from Putin's administration. This is Tatiana Navka, a renowned ice dancer, who is the wife of Putin's spokesman Dmitri Peskov. Shor's wife and Peskov's wife do not appear in common pictures during the holidays, but they post photos from the same places on the same day. For example, January 5, 2017.

Or even more recently. June 25 - July 7, 2018.

During the same period, both went to the same resort in Turkey and chose the same accommodation option. Sara Shor and Tatiana Navka intersected on a third holiday in August 2017. We mention that women did not post pictures with their husbands on these three trips.

We see that the Shor family has influential friends in Russia. Here's what Ilan Shor's Wife said in an interview on October 7, 2014, about the friends of his family.

Returning to the Maldives holiday in January 2015, for which 150 million dollars were transferred from the accounts of Shor's firm Hezburg LLP, we will emphasize the following. In all trial cases in the bank fraud case, the former banker declares that he has taken the credits, but not for himself but for other people. Filat, Lucinschi, Plato. Ursus claims he has not spent any leu for his benefit. That is because the prosecutors did not sue any evidence that Ursus used some of the stolen money for himself, the court accepted the defendant's lawyer's request to reclassify one of the "scam" accusations, an offense punishing up to 15 years' imprisonment, an "indiscriminate damage", an article in the criminal code that provides up to three years of jail. I sent a request to the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor's Office where I asked whether the prosecutors analyzed the data from Hezburg LLP bank statements about the 150,000 dollars transferred to the Maldives luxury resort and why this evidence was not filed in court for to keep blame for scam. I have not yet received an answer.

We point out that the prosecutors have the Hezburg LLP and have used them to argue their accusation in the case of Chiril Lucinschi. The press obtained these bank statements from Veaceslav Platon's lawyer, Ion Cretu, who also recently convicted him in a file with numerous irregularities. Starting with the procedures for issuing the warrant of arrest and giving in search and ending with a sentence in which the judge simply confuses the articles of the Criminal Code, he plagues word of mouth from prosecutors' accusations and does not say any sentence about the position of defense. Ion Cretu was sentenced in July 2018 to 6 years of imprisonment for influence, after he was detained in March 2014 with a sum of 15 thousand 700 euros. The lawyer claims to have received that amount as a reward for the services provided to a client on a contractual basis and presented that document both to court and to the press. Things in this file, starting in 2014, began to move in a hurry from February 2018, precisely when Cretu got through confidential sources the bank runs of several firms involved in the theft of the billions of dollars, including the turnover Hezburg LLP and began to make statements on the information in bank statements. Then an arrest warrant was issued and, without a proper court order, was immediately announced in search. The man fled from the Republic of Moldova and thus joined the long line of fugitive Moldovans, who accuse the judiciary of ordering convictions. For comparison, Ion Cretu, accused of taking a 15,000-euro bribe, was sentenced to six years in prison and Ilan Shor, in whose case the prosecutors accused him of a five billion lei damage to Moldovan citizens, that only five billion people found evidence, was sentenced to 7 years and 6 months for the cumulating of crimes - causing particularly high damage and money laundering. And it is not yet known how much of this term will remain after the Court of Appeal and the Supreme Court of Justice. It might be that Ilan Shor also has friends there, which we will investigate for one of the next editions of the Journal of the Week.