INVESTIGATION in Romanian press: Plahotniuc, oligarch who connects the Russian mafia with some politicians from the other side of Prut

INVESTIGATION in Romanian press: Plahotniuc, oligarch who connects the Russian mafia with some politicians from the other side of Prut
Source: Photo: 28.01.2016 12:18
The oligarch Vladimir Plahotniuc has dubious relations with the Russian mafia, but also with politicians and public personalities from Romania, is shown in an investigation published by the Romanian newspaper “Evenimentul Zilei”. An important international security structure, that monitored the controversial businessman, discovered that Plahotniuc is tool of the fearsome crime syndicate Solntsevskaya Bratva, notes the Romanian publication.

“Over a leader of the organized crime from Moscow, mafia structure to which would have adhered also the businessman from the Republic of Moldova, the FBI discovered passports with various identities, issued by different states, the same as had Vladimir Plahotniuc. Secret documents show that the criminal group from Moscow tried to penetrate the politics of several states. An official document issued by the Interpol Bureau from Rome was announcing, in 2007, the initiation of a supervision of Vladimir Plahotniuc, the oligarch from the Republic of Moldova accused by thousands of Bessarabians that has grabbed the state structures, in the Republic of Moldova. The businessman was figuring in the evidence of the international organization that monitors the criminals with two passports released by the authorities from Romania: one canceled in 2007, and the other released in July, 29, 2011”, explains the source.

The Interpol Bureau from Rome asked the authorities from the Republic of Moldova to put at disposal information about Vladimir Plahotniuc, who was suspected of relations with the criminal group Solntsevskaya Bratva, considered as the largest and the most powerful crime syndicate from the Russian mafia. In the request addressed to the authorities from the Republic of Moldova, in which it was asking for data about Vladimir Plahotniuc, the Interpol was specifying: “Starting with 2005, our competent structures gathered real estate, in Desenzano del Garda and Sirmione, behind which were foreign financial operators, connected with the main oligarchic groups from Russia. These persons were coming in Italy by private flights, at the indication of criminal groups, such as the Solntsevskaya”.

The writes that the criminal group, which part is Plahotniuc, is suspected of attempts of penetration in the politics of some states. “Among other concerns” of the Russian criminals count ordered murders, extortion, illegal gambling, bets, weapon traffic, cybercrime, human traffic, prostitution, drug traffic, thefts, arson, bribery, money laundry, fraud, theft, car thefts or illegal trade with organs”, is shown in investigation.

The leader of the Solntsevskaya group was Veaceslav Kirilovich Ivankov, killed on July, 28, 2009, in a restaurant in Moscow. “Strange coincidence with Plahotniuc: on the moment of his arrest, Ivankov had with him some passports with several identities, released by different countries. Plahotniuc has two identities: in Romania he was called Vlad Ulinici, and in the Republic of Moldova Vladimir Plahotniuc. In acts, the Moldovan oligarch, besides the different name, indicated also different dates of birth, that modifies the Personal identification code, after which is verified any person by authorities or banking institutions. At date of birth, in the Moldovan passport figures the date of December, 28, 1965, and in that Romanian is the day of January, 1, 1966”, notes the “Evenimentul Zilei”.

Also, in the article is mentioned that Vladimir Plahotniuc was subject of the British authorities as well, that disclosed a range of documents that demonstrate that namely Plahotniuc would be the beneficiary of tens of millions of Euro, through the robbery of about 80% from the financial-banking system of the Republic of Moldova.

“Concretely, the British authorities claim that the oligarch has enriched after the attacks of raider type from 2010 and 2011. In that period, after some court decisions, considered illegal, some packages of shares of the Banca de Economii, Moldova Agroindbank, Victoriabank and the insurance company ASITO got, fraudulently, in the possession of some offshore companies. Plahotniuc is accused also of the damaging concession of the Chişinău Internaţional Airport”, relates the publication from the other side of the Prut.

Plahotniuc is known also for the dubious affairs that started in the '90, when he was exporting dancers abroad. Oligarch's name was also identified in the numerous networks of cigarette smugglers.

“The press from Chişinău wrote that the dubious affairs of Vladimir Plahotniuc started with the “export” of dancers abroad, in fact this being shield for luxury prostitution, through a travel agency. As well, in the period 1998-2001, the oligarch would have managed the firms that were dealing with the distribution and trade of cigarettes from the enterprise Tutun – CTC, then being one of the most profitable businesses. In the same period, the Romanian authorities identified numerous networks of cigarette smugglers from the Republic of Moldova, in which was involved Vlad Ulinici, this being in fact the second name of Vladimir Plahotniuc”, adds the source.

Big brother in hotel rooms

In Chişinău, the most famous location for accommodation is the Hotel Nobil, that belongs to Vladimir Plahotniuc. In this hotel, Dragoş Nedelcu was writing that met Cozmin Guşă, in 2010. In the period in which he was in the Republic of Moldova, being sent by Sorin Ovidiu Vîntu, many people were telling that all the rooms from the Hotel Nobil are equipped with apparatus. The ones from the criminal world who were bothering Plahotniuc, were suddenly disappearing... or were leaving the country for a long period. In this way he reached to lead Moldova. Now, Nedelcu's information is completed by Ion Sturza, who declared, for the Adevărul live, that Plahotniuc“always used the blackmail, corruption, including through less orthodox methods”. “He had a night club in Chişinău, that was visited by all kinds of politicians from Bucharest”, emphasized Sturza.

In the investigation is also shown that many Romanian politicians prefer the night club. “Drive” from Chişinău, that is found in the same building with the Hotel Codru, hotel registered on one of the firms controlled by the oligarch, “Finpar Invest” SRL.

The article continues also with information about a real estate which he owns in Romania, but which is hidden on a lane from Voluntari town, from Ilfov district.

“In 2009, when Vladimir Plahotniuc required the changing of the name in Vlad Ulinici, he declared that he has his domicile in a residential area: on Erou Iancu Nicolae street, from Voluntari town, from Ilfov district. The one-storey house is hidden on a lane, together with other luxurious villas from area. But, the locals claim that Plahotniuc come seldom there”, explains the author.

Besides the information which appeared in different investigations about the dubious relations of Plahotniuc with different notorious people from Romania, the former president of Romania, Traian Băsescu, declared that “this mogul”, Plahotniuc, “instead of being with Filat in prison, forms governments”. “I know who ate from Plahotniuc's hand in Romania, and who is eating now”, added Băsescu. Asked to whom he refers, he recognized that it is about “politicians, first of all”. “Everything has a limit. A Moldova destabilized by Plahotniuc means a risk for the national security of Romania”, warns Băsescu.

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