25 Feb 2010 | 10:27
Vladimir and Taisia Voronin turned in the passports hold illegally
Vladimir and Taisia Voronin turned in the passports hold illegally
source: jurnal.md
photo: zf.ro
Former Moldovan president, Vladimir Voronin, and his wife have returned the diplomatic passports which they were keeping illegally. On the other hand, Ion Morei and Miron Gagauz didn’t bring them back, even though they got them during the communist administration against the law.

The spokesman for Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration (MFAEI), Valeriu Turea, declared exclusively for jurnal.md that 10 of the 28 officials who had to turn in their diplomatic passports a couple weeks ago, have already done it.

The first who have turned in his passport to MFAEI was former general prosecutor Valeriu Gurbulea, followed by former minister of Construction and Territorial Development, Vladmir Baldovici, the husband of the former prime minister Alexei Greceanii, and the Ambassador in Turkey, Sergiu Stati and his wife Larisa Stati.

Also the diplomatic passports valid until 2012 were turned in by the family of the general councilor of Moldova in Bologna, Italy, Gheorghe Munteanu. It is about his wife Ecaterina, son Mihai and daughter Daniela.

Munteanu family also took care to turn in the passports owned by the Vladimir Voronin and his wife Taisia. Those from MFAEI didn’t mention if Voronin retuned all passports which he detained illegally. Previously, minister Iurie Leanca declared that Voronin and his wife are keeping several diplomatic passports, including the ones expired.

At this point the ones who didn’t return the diplomatic passports are 15 former officials including former ISS director, Artur Resetnicov, former minister of Justice, Vitalie Parlog, Ambassadors Nicolae Chirtoaca, Nicolae Gumenii and his wife.
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