01 May 2010 | 13:44
Romanian Senate adopted creating the Valeriu Boboc prize
Romanian Senate adopted creating the Valeriu Boboc prize
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The memorandum regarding founding the prize Valeriu Boboc, for the liberty of press and defending of democratic values, was adopted yesterday, by the permanent bureau of Romanian senate.

According to the Romanina senator, Mihaela Popa, which actually came with the initiative regarding this prize, which will be given every year for promoting democratic values, human rights and freedom of thoughts. The initiative was launched on April 19th 2010.

The prize “Valeriu Boboc” will be given each year, during a symposium, organized by the Romanian Senate, around April 7th, on the topic
“Defending the fundamental human rights and democratic values”.

Valeriu Boboc, was killed on the night of Aril 7th at the age of 23. He was killed during the force intervention of the police upon the protesters in the National Square in Chisinau.
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