30 Jan 2010 | 14:00
Marian Lupu criticizes Teodor Baconschi statement
Marian Lupu criticizes Teodor Baconschi statement
source: evz.ro
photo: agenda.md
President of  Moldova Democratic Party, Marian Lupu, believes that statements about  "Moldovan issue" made by Romanian Foreign Minister, Teodor Baconschi, is a mistake that could affect bilateral relations, according to an interview published by Russian-language portal "eNews.md" .

"Such Bucharest official statements are offensive to most of our population - disturb our relations, poisoning our common activities and become a serious obstacle to a fruitful collaboration," said Lupu.

Baconschi said a week ago that Romania rejects any action aimed to the idea of a separate Moldovan nation and a separate Moldovan language from Romania.

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