06 Apr 2010 | 13:23
Lascu: “Boboc was investigated for robbery and drugs storage”
Lascu: “Boboc was investigated for robbery and drugs storage”
source: jurnal.md
photo: allmoldova.com
The images submitted by interim president, Mihai Ghimpu, who is also supreme police commander, do not correspond to reality. The “peaceful” protesters have criminal records, including Valeriu Boboc, who was criminally investigated for drugs` storage and robbery, stated today president of police officers union “Demnitate”, Mihai Lascu.

“We are outraged that Mihai Ghimpu did not find one minute to have a meeting with policemen who have suffered as a result of those events. 54 of them have scars for life. Instead, interim president presented some inappropriate images. At 23:00 the peaceful protesters went home, and over 100, with criminal records, remained in the National Meeting Square. If the police officers did not intervene in force, the protesters would have vandalized all nearby shops”, declared Lascu.

He also said that he understands the pain of Valeriu Boboc` s parents, but, at the same time, he would not accept that a citizen who is criminally investigated for drugs` storage and robbery to receive the medal “Honor Order”. “When policeman Sergiu Coipan died on duty, his family has not received any apartment or orders. But Boboc, with a criminal record was given that medal”, added Mihai Lascu.

The president of union “Demnitate” also attacked general mayor Dorin Chirtoaca. “Where was Chirtoaca when those over 100 young persons were provoking the law enforcement bodies? He was attending a TV show, and when Parliament was in fire, he declared that he would take actions later. That evening over 60 persons with criminal record have been detained, whom Ghimpu and Chirtoaca declared that they were peaceful protesters”, concluded Lascu.
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