09 Apr 2010 | 17:55
Journalist arrested in Tiraspol for being “Moldovan spy”
Journalist arrested in Tiraspol for being “Moldovan spy”
source: jurnal.md
photo: rferl.org

Ernest Vardanean, a Nova Reghion journalist from Tiraspol, was accused of espionage for Moldova and arrested. The information was confirmed by expert Oazu Nantoi.

“Journalists are threat for the Tiraspol regime because any spark of truth hinders the functioning of state structures, which are still controlled by KGB” said Nantoi.

The president of Association for Human Rights Promo-LEX Ion Manole mentioned for jurnal.md that the journalist had been arrested for “high motherland treason”.

“At this moment, he’s in the hands of Transnistrian security forces” mentioned Manole. He added that according to some sources from Tiraspol, Vardanean had been held on Wednesday, while other sources informed he was held today.

Manole mentioned the journalist was offered an office attorney and that human rights associations would do their utmost to help him.

“For now, no international structure has reacted yet” he said.

On the other hand, Oazu Nantoi claims that Moldovan authorities cannot do anything but “forceless appeals”.

Ernest Vardanean lives with his family in Tiraspol, where he has been a journalist since 1998.
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