21 Feb 2010 | 17:50
Iurie Rosca- the old and new leader of Christian-Democrats
Iurie Rosca- the old and new leader of Christian-Democrats
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 “The first time I was elected was in March 1994. We fall, but we also get up. We don’t disappear when they want” stated Iurie Rosca, newly re-elected president of the Popular Christian-Democrat Party.

525 delegates participated in the 12th Congress of PCDP, opened with the Lord’s Prayer put up by Rosca.

Stefan Secareanu, Vlad Cubreacov, Igor Turcanu, Ghenadie Vaculovschi, Andrei Turcanu and Victor Cibanu have been elected party vice presidents.

The Congress was an opportunity to praise PCDP and to criticize other political factions.

“PCDP has been for many years the only party that could organize peaceful protests by creating an opinion current.”

Rosca also mentioned that PCDP was “a strong and united family”.

“A false anti-communist wave came upon Moldova. The actual government members have soviet security roots. Nothing changed, the roles remain the same. Former party members and KGB officers become associates of a parade anticommunism” stated Vlad Cubreacov.

PCDP is the political successor of the Moldovan Democratic Movement (1988-1989), the Moldovan Popular Front (1989-1992) and the Popular Christian-Democrat Front (1992-1999).

After PCDP pretended great fighters for Moldovan independence and opponents of the communism, on 5th April 2005, Iurie Rosca and a group of PCDP deputies voted Vladimir Voronin for president and created a parliamentary alliance with Communists’ Party.

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