26 Mar 2010 | 15:37
Former officials began talking a year after Valeriu Boboc` s death
Former officials began talking a year after Valeriu Boboc` s death
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More details about Valeriu Boboc` s death, the 23 years old young man who died during the April events in the National Meeting Square, are being revealed a year later. Former ministers Ghenadie Cosovan and Larisa Catrinici, who alongside with other officials kept silence a year ago, provide more details regarding Boboc` s death.

According to former vice-minister of Internal Affairs, Ghenadie Cosovan, the initial version of Boboc` s death was that he was found in the Cathedral square, with a bullet wound. “It was around 2 AM. We`ve heard an information on the radio that someone had found a person with a bullet wound in the Cathedral square. That was the initial version regarding Valeriu Boboc` s death, i.e. the young man was shot”, declared Cosovan during an exclusive interview for “Jurnal de Chisinau”.

Former minister of Internal Affairs also stated that, as far as he was aware, there were no operative policemen and prosecutors` groups heading towards the scene of action, as it should have happened, according to procedure.

Ghenadie Cosovan mentioned that he was surprised about the first declarations made by former minister of Health Larisa Catrinici, that Valeriu Boboc has died due to intoxication. “I was surprised when I heard this declaration. Of course, this does not correspond to reality”, said Cosovan.

“Jurnal de Chisinau” also provided information about the fact that sources within the former governing of the Ministry of Internal Affairs stated for “Jurnal de Chisinau” that, initially, there were misunderstandings with doctors from Emergency Hospital when the body of Valeriu Boboc has been brought, and that Minister of Health Larisa Catrinici has received instructions to solve the situation.

When asked to comment this information, former-minister Larisa Catrinici denied for having received any instruction from leadership of Ministry of internal Affairs. “I had no information regarding a young man transported from National Meeting Square. There are found bodies on the capital` s roads daily”, declared Catrinici.

As to the statement that Valeriu Boboc might have been intoxicated with gas, former minister had a very simple explanation: “As medical experts determined that all his internal organs were healthy, in that case there was not excluded the version of intoxication. I mentioned about that fact as, at that moment, I was working on a report regarding children intoxication”, concluded Catrinici.
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