05 Feb 2010 | 16:28
`Teleradio-Moldova` new director`s CV summary
`Teleradio-Moldova` new director`s CV summary
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The new head of “Teleradio-Moldova”, Constantin Marin, is doctor of history, lecturer and habilitated doctor of political sciences.

He graduated Philology, Journalism, at the State University of Moldova (SUM). He obtained his doctorship in History of Journalism and Broadcasting department of the State University. Afterwards, he attended the Politology department at the same university.

Since 2004, he has been principal of the Journalism and Communication Sciences faculty at SUM. Previously, he had been head of Communication department of the same faculty, interim rector of International Relationships Institute and pro-rector of Academy of Diplomacy and International Relationships.

Besides, he was editor-in-chief at Radio Moldova International and superior lector at History of Journalism department.

He is the author of “The Civil Society between Political Myth and Social Plea”, “Institutional Communication” and “Community Development and Participation”, etc.

In 2004-2007 he was vice-president of Rectors’ Council from Moldova. In 2007-2009, he was member of Soros Moldova Senate.

Marin speaks Romanian, Russian and French. He’s married and has 2 children

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